Coir pots

Organic coir pots are made of natural coco fiber and natural rubber (rubberized – to hold the pot together) for use in horticultural farms, flower gardeners, greenhouses, and nurseries. Coir pots can be used with natural flower plants to give indoors an elegant look. This can be promoted as a more retail product which is sold in supermarket chains as well as in retail nurseries. However, wide usage is currently for farms and nurseries.

  • 5cm Top X 3.5cm Bottom X 6cm Height
  • 8cm Top X 5cm Bottom X 7cm Height
  • 10cm Top X 6cm Bottom X 9cm Height
  • 12cm Top X 7cm Bottom X 10cm Height
  • 15cm Top X 9cm Bottom X 11cm Height

Private labelling and packaging can be accommodated.

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