A geogrid is a geo-synthetic product that is used extensively in soil reinforcement and related areas such as retaining walls, subbases, subsoils below roads, and other structures. Usually, soil pulls apart when there is too much tension, and geogrids help to prevent this. This allows for them to transfer forces to a bigger area of soil. It is a product that is in wide use today.

There are a range of types of geogrids that we offer.

1. Fiberglass geogrid
Fiberglass geogrid is designed for soil stabilisation and reinforcement applications. Our fiberglass geogrid is manufactured from fiberglass, and is an excellent geotextile which can enhance pavements and roadbeds by preventing cracks caused by uneven sedimentation.

Fiberglass geogrid will help water access and soil concretion, restrain subsidence effectively, decentralize stress evenly, and enhance overall strength of roadbed.

2. Plastic geogrid
There are 2 types of plastic geogrid we offer,

a. Uniaxial geogrid
The uniaxial geogrid structure has a high tensile strength by providing the ideal force to spread the system for the soil. Geogrid is used as a high strength geosynthetic material in in tunnel, wharf, highway, railway, construction, and other fields.

b. Biaxial geogrid
Biaxial plastic geogrid is made of high-molecular polymer and has a high tensile strength, both longitudinally and in the transverse direction. The structure provides an ideal interlocking system for more effective force bearing and diffusion in soil reinforcement.

3. Polyester geogrid
Polyester geogrid is a high tensile strength geogrid composed of high molecular, and high tenacity multi-filament polyester yarn. They are flexible and has an excellent creep resistance with high UV resistance properties.

Polyester geogrid is used for soil/slope stabilisation, earth embarkments, retaining wall and slopes, and structural layers supporting road and railway construction.

4. Steel plastic geogrid
Steel plastic geogrid is a steel wire through the high-density polyethylene wrapped into strips. The steel plastic geogrid combines the high strength, low elongation, corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties of the steel wire, which solves the problem of steel corrosion.
Steel plastic geogrid is used for highway, railway, embankments, construction slopes, river banks, dams , freight yard, soil foundation reinforcement, retaining wall, slope protection and road resistance to name a few.


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