geotechnical sector

Coir geotextiles

Coir geotextiles (coir net/geo coir) is a biodegradable product used for soil stabilisation & slope protection in the erosion control/geotechnical sectors

Coir logs

Coir log is a 100% natural and biodegradable. Allows for deep rooting of plants while providing nutrients. Used for stream bank stabilization, shoreline protection, wetland mitigation and channel edge liner.

Coir pillows

Coir pallet used for stream/river bank protection, storm water channel, mulching, antiweed, vegetative water channels, sediment trapping in waterways near construction sites.

Drain mat

Restrain of erosion control in the surface of soil, protecting against a collapse of the slope.

Drain sheet

Seeded blanket for erosion control applications which drains off excess water on soil surface using nonwoven fabric.


Geocell’s are used for steep slopes to shorelines retaining walls in the erosion control, mining, wind access roads, railroads, ports, dams and landfills to name a few.


A geogrid is geosynthetic material used to reinforce soils. Geogrids is used to reinforce retaining walls, soils below roads or structures. Soils pull apart under tension, by using geogrid it increases the strength in tension.



Tough and flexible, geomembranes are used in landfills, fish farm ponds, and contamination applications. Geomembrans are heavily treated to enhance UV, heat and chemical resistance.

PP non-woven geotextile

PP non-woven geotextile is manufactured using pp staple fibre which is needle punched to form a strong, stable structure. Geotextile is resistance to chemicals and biological organisms found on soil.