MultiMix F doubler

MultiMix F doubler is the newly modified double blade rope whose structure is made to enhance its maximum strength.

Since this rope is a compound of polyester and polypropylene, it has not only the high resistance of water, weather and abrasion, but has excellent workability due to its lightweight and floating characteristics.

Characteristics of MultiMix F doubler

  1. Material
    • Inner Layer: Polypropylene
    • Outer Layer: Compound of Polypropylene and Polyester
  2.  Structure: Double Blade
  3. Specific gravity: 0.98
  4. Degree of elongation: about 20%


Repeating fatigue characteristic

Comparing the strength of retention, after periodic loading / usage of the rope, by repeating the process.

Test condition

  1. Rate of loading
    • Lower limit 0% ↔Upper limit 25%
    • Lower limit 25% ↔ Upper limit 50%
  2. Repeating times: 10,000 times
  3. Wet-dry condition: Maintain wetness during the test period

Abrasion resistance

Compare the strength of retention after enduring friction to the surface of the rope, using a testing machine.

Testing Condition
Loading : 98N
Object : Size of Grinder 120
Stroke : 200mm
Friction times : 500 times

Weather resistance

Compare the strength of retention under the conditions outlined below.

Test Condition
Testing equipment : JIS B 7753 sunshine carbon arc
Temperature of black panel : 63 ℃± 1 ℃
Duration of mist : 18 minutes for every 120 minutes
Duration of test : 200 hours

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