Dynamic ropes

Dynamic ropes, manufactured by using HMPE fibre “dyneema”, are vastly used for anchoring and mooring purposes by ship carriers, tankers, and crude oil tankers among others. This rope is known for its performance in strength, as well as being lightweight and easy to handle.

The dynamic ropes are a single braided rope that absorb ultraviolet rays directly, and could be damaged either by abrasion or objects.

As a solution to this, we propose the jacket-type dynamic rope, “Dynamic SJ Rope”.

What is a Dynamics SJ Rope

The dynamic SJ rope consists of a dynamic SL-12 rope covered with an outer layer of special material, which is superior in incision. This braided outer layer is lighter in gravity and excellent against abrasion, incision wound, and light resistance.

Raw material and construction

Inner layer: dynamic SL-12 rope
Raw material: high modulus polyethylene “dyneema SK-70” (resinated polyurethane)
Construction: 12 strands

Outer layer: high performance fibre braided rope
Raw material: high density polyethylene and polyester
Construction: 48 strands or 64 strands


  • High in strength, low in elongation
  • High in durability, abrasion, incision wound, and light resistance
  • Easy to handle due to lighter in gravity
  • Good at stability in shape
  • Un-rotated structure


Test results under the same conditions

Load elongation curve

(Dynamic SJ rope, 52mm)

Instruction of handling

  • The dynamic SJ rope will have high impact directly by the movement of the vessel, waves and a range of tides as it elongates a little. Tail rope would be useful for absorbing loading
  • impact just like mooring wire rope.
  • The dynamic SJ rope has to be tensed and tight when coiling into the winch, to prevent from abrasion and heat of fusion.
  • The dynamic SJ rope has to be kept away from heated objects since it is made from polyethylene (melting point: 140-150 degrees).
  • The rollers, especially the surface of “fair lead” and “closed chock”, have to be maintained for smooth rotation.
  • The power jacket is effective in preventing sectional abrasion.

Hawser protector

  • Power Jacket TC-1
  • This Jacket is a 4mm thick belt made by polyester. It is excellent in durability and of light resistance.
  • The belt is easy to remove from the rope.
  • A range of ropes could be supplied due to the variety of specifications we provide.
  • We are also pleased to work with any requirement in length.

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