12 strand rope

The rope is formed by alternatively combining the six sets of strands that have two equal lines. As a result of this, the roundness is higher, while the roughness of the rope surface is less than that of the four pairs of cross ropes.

1. Strength
Compared to the cross rope, the number of strands increases by 1.5 times, making long pitch possible, improving the strength by 20%

2. Elongation
Elongation decreases by 20% for the same reason that the strength is improved

3. Abrasion resistance
Since the surface roughness is reduced, compared with the cross rope, the contact pressure of the contact part between the rope and the object to be contacted is lowered, and the wear resistance is excellent

4. Splice
Splice is possible in the same way as cross rope

5. Ease of handling
Similar to the cross rope, it is flexible and does not kink

6. Rope management
As it is a single blade, it is easy to grasp the damage situation of the rope

Application example
For ship mooring ship towing
For fisheries, fixed shore net, fish farm, surrounding net and mooring

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