Anchoring rope

We supply a range of high quality, durable, and economical anchoring and mooring ropes for ship use (ship carriers, tankers, and crude oil tankers), tugboats, the fisheries sector and for land use.

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We provide products for the ground engineering/geotechnical and erosion control sectors and manufacture and supply a wide variety of products for all types of growers and gardeners.

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Erosion control & geotechnical

We offer a range of products for the erosion control and geotechnical industries. Many of our products can be customised to meet your requirements.

For growers

For growers, our extensive coir-based products range include, growbags, nursery bags, coir pots, coco chips, coco poles, coir tablets and coco peat.

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Anchoring rope

With high resistance to water and abrasion, high quality, durable and economical anchoring and mooring fibre ropes are used by ship carriers, tankers, fishing crawlers, and crude oil tankers as well as in the construction sector.

Civil/geotechnical engineering sector

Erosion control products are vital for any soil stabilisation, reinforcement or restoration project. Coir geotextiles, coir logs, erosion control mats, geocells, geogrids, coir pallets, and jute geotextiles are some of the products which are used.


As a grower, it is vital to use products which have the best properties to help grow and enhance your crop. Coco peat, growbags, nursery bags, coir pots, and coir pallets are all 100% biodegradable growing medium.